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Cover Type: USA domestic with stamp(s)
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Added on:Apr 10, 23
Edited on:Apr 11, 23
Postmark: circa 1854
Origin: Iowa Hill, California, UNITED STATES
Destination: Sacramento, California, UNITED STATES

1c Type IV #9 strip of 3 on cover from Iowa Hill (near Iowa City) to Sacramento, CA.

This was carried entirely by private express, most likely Wells Fargo.

The cover has an "Alta California Telegraph Company" red corner card at UL.

Addressee is a member of the Senate - J.W. Mandeville.

The "Free" marking on this matches the Wells Fargo free. Wells Fargo had an "Iowa Hill" postal marking in one of their typical ovals, around this time, establishing that they had an office here, and also referred to the location as Iowa Hill, and not the nearby Iowa City.

The FREE means that the Express company fees (Wells Fargo) were waived, possibly sent by an employee of the company. I do not think Mandeville was entitled to free franking at this time and this is a private express.

There was no official US PO at Iowa Hill at this time - only nearby Iowa City. The IOWA HILL straightline is not noted in the ASCC. This straightline is surely a private express (Wells Fargo) marking, pre-dating their oval of such. A couple other examples of this straightline exist. Other similar correspondence exists to Mandeville, with the Iowa Hill Wells Fargo oval.

Illustrated in Letters of Gold, p 310.


Certificate? No
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Stampless? No
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