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Cover Type: Foreign origin, inbound to USA with foreign stamp(s)
Entered by: mml1942
Added on:Jan 17, 23
Edited on:Jan 17, 23
Postmark: Jan 21, 1906
Origin: Moscow, RUSSIA
Destination: Lincoln, Nebraska, UNITED STATES

A registered cover on a medium size pre-stamped 2 Kopecks envelope, uprated with two 7 Kopeck stamps, but mailed registered from Moscow, Russia, Russia registration label No 282, which arrived at the New York, NY Exchange Office, and was back stamped there with a New York double oval REG'Y DIV marking and the New York "3RD or 4TH/CLASS" added slightly overlapping the Russian Label.

The cover continued to its Lincoln Nebraska destination, with an arrival marked there dated FEB 17, 1906.

The size of the envelope measures 6.25" by 7.0", and could possible have contained a scientific publication article, which would typically be sent as a printed matter or 4th class item.

By regulation, the exchange labels were supposed to be used on outgoing mail, applied at the exchange office were the mailed item departed the United States. Here is it used on inbound mail, but the reason is unknown.

Owner's ID: NY3-013
Certificate? No
For Sale? No
Stampless? No