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Postmark: circa May 18, 1869
Origin: Trieste, AUSTRIA
Destination: Scutari, Albania, Ottoman Empire, TURKEY

Austrian Lloyd Rate, circa 1869. Cover written from Venice, Italy and posted from Trieste, Austria to Scutari, Albania, endorsed "Vapore Antivari" (steamship from Antivari), ms. directive "Via Trieste", bearing 1867 10 kr. blue (Scott 30), tied by oval "Trieste 18/5" datestamp, superb strike of thimble (17mm) "Scutari D'Albanie 23/5" cds in blue (Tchilinghirian fig. 497) alongside as well as Turkish 1869 1 piaster bister brown postage due (Scott J17) tied by blue Scutari handstamp (Coles & Walker fig. 3, Tchilinghirian fig. 498). An attractive cover showing the reduced Albania rate of 10 kreuzer, while the Turkish stamp paid the rate from Antivari harbor to Scutari.

Illustrated in "Die Osterreich Post in der Levant" on page 226. Signed by Holcombe below 10 kr. stamp, Ferchenbauer at lower right. With 1983 Ferchenbauer certificate. Ex Werner Schindler Collection.

Note: After the Austrian rate unification of 1866, the rate from the Kustenland harbors (including Trieste) to Albania was reduced to 10 kreuzer. The sender of this letter sent this letter by private messenger from Venice to Trieste to use this reduced rate, instead of the higher 20 soldi rate from Venice to Antivari.

Antivari at that time was part of the Ottoman Empire. It is now part of Montenegro, and the town is presently called Bar (Italian: Antivari). Similarly Scutari and Albania were previously part of the Ottoman Empire.

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