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Cover Type: USA domestic with stamp(s)
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Postmark: circa Jul 23, 1866
Origin: Oysterville, Washington, UNITED STATES
Destination: Virginia City, Nevada, UNITED STATES

"Oysterville July 23" (Washington Territory) manuscript postmark on cover with pen canceled 1861 3c rose (65) to Virginia City, Nevada. This cover likely dates from 1865 to 1867.

The Oysterville, Pacific County, Washington Territory post office was founded in 1858. Manuscript postmarks are recorded from 19 Jan. 1861 to 14 May 1874, with 5 covers recorded. Source: "Washington Territorial Postmark Catalogue 1850-1889" by Richard Long and Tim Boardman, published by Western Places, Lake Grove, OR, 2017.

Oysterville was first settled in 1841 by John Douglas, who married a local Chinook woman. Oysterville was established and named in 1854 by J.A. Clark. The village of Oysterville began to prosper after Chief Nahcati introduced the town's founders, R.H. Espy and J.A. Clark, to oysters. The rich oyster beds of Willapa Bay were soon responsible for Oysterville's growing riches, as the town became a major competitor with other oyster companies.

Once the county seat, with a college, two hotels and a weekly newspaper, the town began to decline when, in 1880, the long-awaited Clamshell Railroad ended at Nahcotta and native oysters began to become scarce.  In a county seat war, on February 3, 1893, all of the county records and books were stolen in order to move the county seat from Oysterville to South Bend, Washington.

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[SNS 18] SNS# 18 [1861 3¢ Rose - USA Stamps 1861-1865 Issue]