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Cover Type: USA domestic with stamp(s)
Entered by: tankcurator
Added on:Dec 5, 20
Edited on:Dec 5, 20
Postmark: circa Mar 29, 1859 (Misperforation error)
Origin: Clarkstown, New York, UNITED STATES
Destination: Galena, Ohio, UNITED STATES

Scott's US #26 on a small envelope carrying a CLARKSTOWN NY cds dated March 29 - no year date indicated. Stamp is canceled in an x pattern, created by using the outer edge of the town cds to create an "X" - not tied. Stamp is damaged at left and bottom, partially caused by a set of additional perforations set at a slight angle at the upper left (3.5mm to 4mm from the left side) and only extending 7.5mm onto the this stamp and the stamp to the right. Cause of misperforation is not obvious.

Certificate? No
For Sale? No
Stampless? No
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[SNS 9] SNS# 9 [1857 3¢ Dull Red - USA Stamps 1857-1860 Issue]