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Cover Type: USA outbound with stamp(s)
Entered by: frajola
Added on:Nov 25, 20
Edited on:Nov 26, 20
Postmark: Dec 3, 1859
Origin: Auraria (Denver), Colorado, UNITED STATES
Destination: London, UNITED KINGDOM

[Auraria near Denver City, Kansas Territory, U.S.] endorsement of origin on back flap of cover to London, cover carried outside the mails on the old route via Ft. Kearney to Council Bluffs, Iowa where it entered the mails with their November 23 1859 postmark, pair 12c black (#36) pen tied, red Portland Am Pkt 3 exchange datestamp and carried by Allan Line steamer Bohemian, London Paid DE 16 1859" arrival, an exceptional use

there was no postal service available at this date and this use is by far the earliest cover from the goldfields used to a foreign destination

A post office was established at Auraria, Kansas Territory (now part of Denver) on January 18, 1859 although the first contract mails did not begin until July 11, 1859. Contract mails were carried by the United States Express Company until they failed after their August 26, 1859 trip. Auraria was unified with Denver in April 5, 1860.

(from Mails of the Westward Expansion): With the failure of Allen’s efforts to establish a U.S. contract mail, Jones & Russell was the only option for getting a letter between the United States and Denver. Although Allen’s August 27 announcement offered to process mail “in U.S. mail bags” there was no reason for a letter-writer to give his mail to the post office, since the fees were the same whether processed through the post office or directly by Jones & Russell. Accordingly, no letters postmarked at Auraria are known from August 27, 1859 to its discontinuance on February 11, 1860. On that date, the Auraria post office was moved across Cherry Creek and became the Denver City post office. Even so, no letters are known postmarked from Denver City until August 16, 1860.

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[SNS 12] SNS# 12 [1857 12¢ Black - USA Stamps 1857-1860 Issue]