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Cover Type: USA domestic with stamp(s)
Entered by: markrogers
Added on:Nov 6, 20
Edited on:Nov 6, 20
Postmark: Mar 4, 1851
Origin: Rouse's Point, New York, UNITED STATES
Destination: Plattsburgh, New York, UNITED STATES

Two #2 10c, and one #1 5c red-brown, with Auxiliary "Due 5c" pen marking.

The 25c in postage was intended to pay the five-times 5c under-300 miles for 2.5 ounces, but the half-ounce rate increments were eliminated in March 1849, so this was re-rated as a six-times rate letter with 5c due.

This is one of only 13 full covers with the franking of a single 5c stamp and two 10c stamps known. There is also one on-piece franking of this nature clearly paying the 24c treaty rate to Britain.

Of the covers with this franking, only 3 are domestic usages, including this one. One reason for this, which is illustrated by this cover, is that the odd-rate increments: 3x, 5x ... were eliminated with the US-British treaty, so as to establish uniform weight measurements.

Ex Krug, Ishikawa, Gross

Certificate? No
For Sale? No
Stampless? No
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