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Cover Type: USA outbound with stamp(s)
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Added on:Oct 9, 20
Edited on:Oct 9, 20
Postmark: Oct 16, 1861 (New York transit)
Origin: San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES
Destination: Paris, FRANCE

1861 Wells Fargo cover to Paris, France. 1857 1c blue (24), 3c dull red pair (26), 10c green pair (35) all tied by red open grid cancels, on 3c red on buff Star Die entire front (U27) addressed to Paris. Partly under stamps is manuscript "Per Steamer". With 2011 P.F. certificate.

Wells Fargo & Co. (Type E) printed frank beneath the stamps, blue oval "Paid" applied by Wells Fargo, probably in San Francisco.  Red "New York Paid 12 Oct. 26" (1861) exchange office cds (12c credit to France) red boxed "PD" (Paid to Destination) applied in France. Red "Etats-Unis Serv: AM. Calais 10 Nov. 61" red French entry marking of Paris indicating that letter was from the United States by American service via Great Britain and entered France at Calais. Carried by Cunard Line steamer Arabia which departed Boston 30 Oct. 1861, arrived at Queenstown 9 Nov.

The 30c postage indicates that it was a double rate letter. Under the U.S.-French Convention of 1857, the rate breakdown for a 1/4 ounce or 7½ gram letter was as follows: U.S. inland 3c, Sea 6c, British transit 2c, French transit 4c = 15c total or 80 centimes (8 decimes).

This is one of three known 3c Star Die entires addressed to Europe.

Owner's ID: 2378
Certificate? Yes
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Stampless? No
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