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Cover Type: Foreign (other)
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Postmark: Jan 13, 1866
Origin: Verona, Lombardy-Venetia, AUSTRIA
Destination: Mantova, Lombardy-Venetia, UNITED STATES

Austria, Lombardy-Venetia 1864 Coat-of-Arms 5 soldi rose perf. 9½ (Scott no. 22) tied by "Verona 13/1" circular datestamp on 1866 folded letter to Mandova. "Mandova 14/1" arrival backstamp. "Distribuzione 1" (Distribution) marking on reverse, which indicated that it was the 1st delivery of the day. Letter is datelined ""Verona 13/1 1866."

Verona is a city straddling the Adige river in Veneto, northern Italy. Following Austria's defeat in the Battle of Sadowa in Bohemia on July 3, 1866, Verona, along with the rest of Venetia, plus Mantova, were annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. Thus the Austrian-controlled Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia (1815-1866) was no more.

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