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Cover Type: Foreign (other)
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Postmark: Jun 16, 1863
Origin: Mantova, Lombardy-Venetia, AUSTRIA
Destination: Milano, ITALY

Austria, Lombardy-Venetia 1862 Franz Josef 3 soldi green, type II (Scott no. 14) horizontal pair, in combination with 1862 Franz Josef 10 soldi brown (Scott no. 14) on 1863 folded letter to Milano, Italy, all tied by "Mantova 16/6" circular datestamps. "P.D." handstamp (Paid to Destination) 16 soldi single letter rate. Scarce franking.

"Da Desenzano Del Garda 17 Giu 63" transit marking and "Milano 17 Giu 63" (Giu = Giugna (June) arrival marking on back.

Mantua (Italian: Mantova) is a city and commune in Lombardy, Italy, and capital of the province of the same name. Following Austria's defeat in 1859 in the Second War of Italian Independence,  Lombardy was ceded to France, who transferred Lombardy (including Milano) to Piedmont-Sardinia in return for Nice and Savoy,  Mantua, although a constituent province of Lombardy, still remained under the Austrian Empire along with Venetia until 1866 when Austria was defeated in the Third War of Italian Independence. The quick defeat of Austria led to its withdrawal of the Kingdom of Venetia (including the capital city, Venice). Mantua reconnected with the region of Lombardy and was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

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