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Cover Type: Foreign origin, inbound to USA stampless
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Edited on:Jun 10, 20
Postmark: Aug 26, 1857 (Non contract steamship voyage cover)
Origin: Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM
Destination: Tyre City, New York, UNITED STATES

Small envelope sent from Liverpool to Tyre City, New York, on 26 August 1857. In the upper right corner across the top of the New York datestamp is the manuscript “Kangaroo” in black ink.

Kangaroo was an Inman Line steamship that departed Liverpool on 26 August 1857 and arrived at New York on 7 September 1857(1). Apparently, at Liverpool, the sender changed his mind and elected to send the cover on the Inman steamer rather than wait for the next Cunard steamship (the first Cunard Steamer, Europa, departed Liverpool three days later on 29 August 1857). The one shilling rate was correct for the Cunard steamer, but only 8 pence were necessary for an outgoing ship letter on the Inman Line steamer. Kangaroo did not carry contract mail on this voyage as can be seen in North Atlantic Mail Sailings, 1840-75, as this voyage does not show an asterisk (*) for a single voyage contract.

On 8 September 1857, a New York postal clerk treated this cover as an incoming ship letter as per “NEW-YORK/SHIP/(date)/5cts” (2) handstamp, marking it for 5 cents postage due (2 cents incoming ship letter plus 3 cents inland postage to Tyre, New York).

It is a very nice and scarce cover carried on non-contract steamship voyage. These covers are much harder to find since most mail was sent on contract voyages.

(1) Hubbard and Winter, North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-75, p. 198. (2) Hubbard and Winter, North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-75, p. 372, marking no. 350.

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