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Cover Type: USA outbound with stamp(s)
Entered by: tankcurator
Added on:Dec 26, 19
Edited on:Dec 26, 19
Postmark: Feb 10, 1893 (Multiple forwarding Cover)
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES
Destination: Palermo, ITALY

US Postal Stationary, Scott's US U-330 5-cent blue with imprint for Boston Dyewood & Chemical Co.. Mailed 20 February 1893 to Miss Anne B. Homer in London England. Manuscript "Please Forward" below return address. Original address partially obscured with the initial forwarding address on a paper label - to Marquay, Hooker & Co. in Rome Italy. This address is scratched out with manuscript and replaced with "Jouiatt Bank, Athens, Greece. This has also been marked out and replaced with the final destination (written next to return address) Ch S & V Florio, Palermo Sicily. Black Boston Mass cds dated Feb 10 93, on reverse is a red receiving mark for London E.C. dated 20 Feb 1893. Another London cds in black on the front tying the new address label dated also 20 Feb 93. Also on reverse is a square Rome Italy cds in black, partially torn away. Another is a Greek postmark, month and day not readable, assumed to be for Athens Greece. The last postmark is a receiving mark, partially readable, for Palermo Italy. A violet oval marking for Brown & Shirley Co. of London England is also applied to the reverse.

Certificate? No
For Sale? No
Stampless? No
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