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Cover Type: Foreign origin, inbound to USA with foreign stamp(s)
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Added on:Dec 12, 19
Edited on:Dec 13, 19
Postmark: Sep 7, 1897
Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM
Destination: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Great Britain 2½p violet on blue (114) x2 and 2p green & carmine rose (113) tied by multiple strikes of "Registered Edinburgh Sp 7 97" circular datestamp on registered cover to Philadelphia, Pa. Purple "R Fee 2d Paid" marking, "Registered Glascow 7 Sp 97" oval marking, "New York, N.Y. Reg'y Div. 9-17 1897" oval transit marking and purple "Registered Philadelphia Sep 17 1897"  circular arrival marking on back.

Note return address in fancy oval on back flap: "Bertrams Limited, Engineers & Millwrights, Edinburgh". This company was a noted manufacturer of machine tools and paper-making machinery, in operation from 1860 to 1983. Archives have survived for this firm, and are held by the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh. Other records held privately by National Register for Scotland.

As printing machines became more complex a whole industry supplying machinery to the trade grew up. As a major center of the printing trade, Edinburgh was also home to a number of these firms supplying machines to allied trades such as paper makers. Betrams Limited was one of the preeminent and long-lived companies in this business, and supplied printing firms throughout the world.
Source: The Scottish Printing Archival Trust: Records, Preserves & Shares Scotland's Printing Heritage.

The addressee of this cover is the Moore & White Co. of Philadelphia, located at Fifteenth Street and Lehigh Avenue (note address correction on cover), established 1885. It was an early and well-known manufacturer of high quality inlaid linoleum making machinery. Many German oil-cloth and linoleum works were equipped with Moore & White machinery. Source: "American Carpet & Upholstery Journal, Vol. XXVI, No. 1, January 10, 1908, published Philadelphia & New York, page 75. Article "Development of the Linoleum Industry in America".

This is an example of a double UPU rate (2½p x 2) plus 2p registry fee = 7p total. For an example of single UPU rate (2½p) to U.S., see Cover ID 28085.

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