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Cover Type: USA domestic stampless
Entered by: igswvdc
Added on:Sep 3, 19
Edited on:Sep 3, 19
Postmark: Mar 9, 1850 (Copy of letter to 2nd Asst PMG re PO regulations)
Origin: Berkeley Springs, Virginia, UNITED STATES
Destination: Washington, District of Columbia, UNITED STATES

Text of letter: Berkeley Springs, VA March 9 1850 2nd Assistant P.M. General Dear Sir: I write to ask for some information in regard to Post Office business, as I understand them from the Laws & Regulations, yours is the proper office to give instructions to Postmasters. I think there are some late laws that I am not in possession of—I have the Laws & Regulations of 1847 and the postal treaty with Great Britain of 1849 but nothing since. The rate of postage on transient newspapers has been changed, but I have no law showing it. The laws that I have, also require a Post Bill to be sent with such papers, which I presume is not now required. I am at a loss to know how to keep the account of such papers—thus far I have kept an account of them separate from all other matters, and in my Quarterly Returns, entered the amount at the foot of the Account of Mails Received. By the laws, I am entitled to send & receive half ounce letters free of postage, wo when I receive a letter charged, I enter it on my Account of Mails Received, as “overcharged to postmaster”, so my predecessor instructed me to do—if this is wrong I wish to be corrected. A matter of which I think is rather irregular is this– the mail agent on the Balto & Ohio R. Road hands out newspapers to regular subscribers at Sir Jon’s Run, where there is no office. Some time since, I wrote to the 1st Assistant PM General, and asked him for a schedule of the service between this office and Sir John’s Run—He informed me that the service is performed by a mail messenger, whose duty it is to make due connection with the Railroad Cars-without telling me how many mails per week! We have now, three mails per week, and heretofore (before I received the appointment) we had, during a part of the year, a daily mail & during another part, two mails a day. I think I should have some regulations to go by in regard to this service. Another matter I will ask you to inform me—in the summer season a good many visitors resort to this place, and it has been the habit of my predecessor to hand out letters for such persons, to the bar-keepers, who would take them to the hotels, and if the persons to whom the letters were addressed were not there, they would return them. If you will give me the instructions asked for, and set me right in those things I do not understand you will very much oblige your most obedient Servant.

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