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Cover Type: CSA stampless
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Added on:Jun 14, 19
Edited on:Feb 5, 20
Postmark: Jul 31, 1863
Origin: Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM
Destination: Greenville C.H., South Carolina, UNITED STATES

[Inbound Blockade-run Cover & Letter], Charleston S. C. Sep 12 (1863) entry postmark, "Steam-Ship" oval handstamp and pencil "12" rate (10c + 2c ship fee) on inbound cover to Dr. Randell Croft at Greenville, SC; original ALS of Charles K. Prioleau, dated July 31, 1861, on "F.T & Co., 10 Rumford Place, Liverpool" imprint stationery of Fraser Trenholm Co. (Prioleau was President of the famous blockade-running company), cover carried via New York and Nassau and blockade-run into Charleston on one of the very last inbound runs of the year before Union batteries made blockade-running into Charleston too dangerous:

1. Dep Liverpool 1 Aug, Cunard Line steamer China, arv NYC on 11 Aug
2. Dep NYC on 15 Aug per Corsica arv Nassau on 19 Aug
3. Dep Nassau on blockade-runner Spaulding on her second run into Charleston (Dep Charleston on Sep 18th back to Nassau and was captured on her next run to Charleston (Oct 11, 1863)

Letter content:

Liverpool July 31, 1863
Dr Randell Croft, Greenville Dear Sir,

I have just received your letter of 14th Jany and hasten to say that I will have much pleasure in selecting the Pitcher for you and will exercise all the taste I possess in its choice but I must wait to hear further from you as you did not instruct me on whether or not to ship it through the blockade or wait until the war is over. Under present circumstances I would advise the latter course and I do not like to take the responsibility of sending it now. I would by all means advise you to send a Bale of Cotton if possible which would at present prices net me $100 and if you do so, please instruct me whether to invest the whole of the proceeds in the pitcher or only pounds 20.

I have often heard my brother as well as his widow & children speak gratefully of many acts of kindness on your part received by them and I am very glad to be able to render you any service in my power. I heartily wish I could put you in way of retrieving any part of the losses you have sustained through the war of our independence but in the present disjoined condition of affairs it is impossible & futile to suggest anything. We cannot tell what a day or an hour may bring forth. We can only hope and pray that God will ere long grant to her invaded and oppressed country the blessing of liberty and peace.

I remain dear sir, C.K. Prioleau

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