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Cover Type: Foreign origin, inbound to USA with foreign stamp(s)
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Added on:May 24, 19
Edited on:May 24, 19
Postmark: Jul 10, 1911
Origin: Friedland, Bohemia, AUSTRIA
Destination: Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

Austria 1908 issue, left to right: 3h violet (Joseph II), 20h deep brown (Ferdinand I), 5h yellow-green (Francis Joseph I), 2h violet (Maria Theresa), 10h carmine (Francis Joseph I) (Gibbons # 191A, 196A, 192A, 190A, 194A) colorful combination paying the 40 heller double UPU rate, tied by "Friedland in Böhmen 10 VII 11" cds, on comercial cover to Seattle, Washington. No markings on back.

The UPU rate for Austria at that time was 25 heller up to 1 oz., 40h over 1 oz. up to 2 oz. See Cover ID 25262 for a 25h single UPU rate cover from Austria to the U.S.

These stamps are printed on chalk-surfaced paper, which was used for security purposes. The postmark cannot be removed without damaging the surface of the stamp, thus discouraging fraudulent reuse of stamps. The paper was first coated with a chalk-like powder, and the ink for the stamp was then impressed upon the paper.

Frýdlant (German: Friedland in Böhmen) is a town in the Liberec District of the Liberec Region in the Czech Republic. The town is located in the north of the historic Bohemia region, close to the border with Poland.

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