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Cover Type: Foreign (other)
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Postmark: circa Feb 9, 1944
Origin: Lascelles, JAMAICA
Destination: Myrtle Bank Hotel, Kingston, JAMAICA

Cayman Islands ½d yellow green, Scott #101a, perf. 14 (1943) pair and single, uncanceled, on cover endorsed "Consignee", to Ensign Hawkins, U.S. Navy, Myrtle Bank Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica. "Lascelles, Jamaica Fe 9" cds on front, "Myrtle Bank, Jamaica Fe 10" cds on back.

This is an example of a Consignee Mail, which pertained only to the vessel or the consignment. Such mail went directly aboard foreign-bound vessels without passing through a post office. Sealed letters relating to such vessel or any part of the cargo thereof as may be directed to the owners or consignees of the vessel, which could be loaded directly aboard the ship along with the related cargo. Consignee Mail was subject to postage charges whether addressed to any person in the U.S. or elsewhere. It was another foreign equivalent of letters carried out of the mails by private couriers and express companies, with the required postage rated as international mail rather than domestic mail. Information courtesy of Ken Lawrence.

Thus the 1½d postage affixed paid the international rate from the Cayman Islands to Jamaica. The Cayman Islands are in the Carribbean Sea, about 200 miles NW of Jamaica. The Myrtle Bank Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica, housed British, American, Australian, and other nation's officers military personnel during the Second World War. The hotel had its own post office for the convenience of its guests.

The Lascelles post office in Jamaica opened in 1921.

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