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Cover Type: Foreign (other)
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Added on:Nov 14, 18
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Postmark: Nov 17, 1914
Destination: Leipzig, GERMANY

German proganda postcard from early in the war, sent by German sailor to Leipzig, dated 17 November 1914. The purple postmark is that of the 10th Seaman Artillery Division of the Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche Marine). Endorsed "Feldpost". German soldiers and sailors mail was postage free. "Briefstempel" means Letter Stamp (postmark).

Explanation of picture: Antwerp, provisional seat the Belgian government, was beseiged by the German Army until October 10, 1914, when the Belgian Army broke out of the encirclement and retreated to the Ypres (Yser) pocket, which it held for the rest of the war. This prevented the German Army from reaching the English Channel and cutting off the British Expeditionary Force as it did in World War II, when Belgian King Leopold unexpectedly surrendered the Belgian military forces in 1940. The text of this German propaganda card reads: "King Albert with his poor Belgians in the Mousetrap."

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