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Cover Type: Foreign origin, inbound to USA with US stamp(s)
Entered by: dwsnow
Added on:Sep 7, 18
Edited on:Sep 7, 18
Postmark: Aug 29, 1853
Origin: Montreal, CANADA
Destination: Charleston, South Carolina, UNITED STATES

1853 (August 29) Montreal, Canada to Charleston, S.C. "Montreal L.C. Au 29 1853" origin cds with manuscript "6" pence rating on 3c red on buff Nesbitt entire (#U2) with Nesbitt seal on rear flap, entered U.S. mails with "Canada" framed arc handstamp and black "10" (cents) circled due rating handstamp at New York, probably carried by steamship Southerner from New York departing Aug. 31st to Charleston arriving Sept. 3rd, docketed as received Sep. 5th.

The 1851 U.S.-Canada Treaty allowed letters to be entirely prepaid or unpaid but partial payments were not recognized, so the 3 cents in this case was wasted. However, if the sender had used 10 cents postage (instead of 3 cents) the procedure would have been for the BNA post office to treat the letter as unpaid and not cancel the stamps, but then for the U.S. exchange office to accept the U.S. postage as paying the amount due. Information courtesy of David D'Alessandris.

Exceptionally rare use of the 1853 Nesbitt postal stationery issue from Canada.

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