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Cover Type: USA outbound stampless
Entered by: frajola
Added on:Jul 20, 18
Edited on:Aug 13, 19
Postmark: Apr 8, 1861
Origin: Red Dog, California, UNITED STATES
Destination: Middle Creek, California, UNITED STATES

[Putt's Overland Envelope], red proaganda envelope with all over design. used from Red Dog, CA to Middle Creek, PA with Aprtil 8 postmark, "PAID" handstamp and 10c rate, manuscript "forwadred from Middle Creek May 7th" and ue 3 Cents," original 1861 letter, cover has a restored nick at top, ex Haas and Kramer, probaly the finest of the fewer than five reported examples of this design
see PDF file here:

This cover was carried via Panama as the last overland trip over Southern Butterfield route had departed San Francisco on 1 April 1861. Carried on trip 1861 E-11 PMSS St. Louis that departed SFC on Apr 11

imprint on front reads:

"This little institution is to be forwarded to its place of destination by Uncle Sam's Great Mule Railroad, and is expected to arrive inside of schedule time - provided the CARS don't get STUCK IN THE MUD nor the LOCOMOTIVE run out of grass! We want a different railroad."

Text to reverse:

AIR - Villikins and his Dinah

Say, how would you fancy a trip overland,
By Samuel's Railroad, exceedingly grand;
With mule locomotives for passenger trains,
And kettles for cooking your beans on the Plains?
Chorus-Tu ral lal, lu-ral, &c.

The road o'er the mountains in winter is wet,
And that on the desert is bilious, "you bet;"
The bottom drops out, and the vehicle in,
So much for the efforts of OLD GRINNY GWIN
Chorus-Tu ral lal, lu-ral, &c.
When grass won't afford it, they unhitch the team,
And camp by the road to recruit up the stream;
The tar-bucket, silent, would say, could it speak,
"Oh, Railroad Democracy, we've sprung a leak!"
Chorus-Tu ral lal, lu-ral, &c.

The scare of the wolves, when they howl on the track,
The brave engineer hits the leaders a crack;
The hungry conductor commences to pray,
When off goes the whip-lash, and -- is to pay.
Chorus-Tu ral lal, lu-ral, &c.

They turn out their equines to rest and to feed
The Injuns then muster and raise a stampede,
And away goes the railroad, no person knows where,
Now that is tremendously grand I declare
Chorus-Tu ral lal, lu-ral, &c.

They ferry the rivers wherever they cross,
In case of sea-sickness, knock down a lame hoss:
The mail agent vomits, and off off goes his hat,
And with it the mail TUMBLES INTO THE PLATTE
Chorus-Tu ral lal, lu-ral, &c.

By this institution they'll carry our troops,
And LADIES, providing they go without hoops:
Agree not to meddle with Mormon affairs,
Or advocate Brigham's production of heirs
Chorus-Tu ral lal, lu-ral, &c.

Oh, Sammy, oh, Sammy, you know you've done wrong,
To build a MULE-RAILROAD, so wonderful long,
Your only show now to get pay for your pain,
Is to harness your mules, and drive over the Plains.
Chorus-Tu ral lal, lu-ral, &c.

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