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Cover Type: Foreign origin, inbound to USA stampless
Entered by: bridgemania
Added on:Jul 13, 18
Edited on:Aug 27, 19
Postmark: Aug 23, 1872
Origin: Le Havre, FRANCE
Destination: New York, New York, UNITED STATES

Unpaid envelope weighed between 10 grams and ½ oz. from France to the United States, originated in Le Havre on 23 August 1872, and addressed to New York in open mail via the United Kingdom. When it arrived at the Paris foreign office the letter was marked with a 20 mm blue datestamp "PARIS ETRANGER/ date" on the reverse, and with the handstamp, "F*R//2F", the accountancy marking used on unpaid letters sent from France to the United Kingdom and exchanged at the bulk rate of 2 francs per 30 grams.(1) The letter was sent to London, arriving on 24 August 1872 as shown by a red orange circular datestamp on the reverse. A London clerk marked the British debit to the United States of 24¢ with a black handstamp "24". Because the letter weighed between 10 grams and ½ oz., the debit consisted of the double rate of 20¢ owed to the French, 2 x 5 decimes = 10 decimes or 20¢, plus the simple rate of 4¢ for the British inland and the sea postage to the United States. The letter was sent to Queenstown to go on board the Cunard steamship Russia when she called there on 25 August for mail, arriving at New York on 3 September 1872.(2) The New York exchange office clerk strucked a 26 mm black circular datestamp, "NEW YORK * U.S. NOTES */date/28".(3) This was the amount due in depreciated greenback currency or notes. The amount due in coin was 26¢, but was not shown.

We can see a similar letter in Richard Winter book Understanding Transatlantic Mail – Volume 1 – Fig.5-448 pag.389. 1 Raymond Salles– Le Poste Maritime Francaise – Vol.8 – p.73 – marking no.3082 2 Hubbard and Winter – North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-75 – p.70 3 Hubbard and Winter – North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-75 – p.378 – marking no.453

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