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Cover Type: Foreign (other)
Entered by: dwsnow
Added on:Mar 17, 18
Edited on:Mar 17, 18
Postmark: Feb 14, 1838
Origin: Sant Julià De Lòria (Spanish Andorra), SPAIN
Destination: Auseja (Osséja), FRANCE

Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra 14 February 1838, to Auseja (now Osséja), France. Tiny folded letter 78 x 47mm (3.07" x 1.85").  Docketed "14 février 1838, St. Julia, Navarro". 

Addressed to "Auseja A Monsieur Josep Llanes y fills".  Letter is written in Catalan, datelined "San Julia a 14 febre 1838", and is addressed to the mercantile firm of Joseph Llanes & Sons, which had emigrated from Ur, France in 1794 to some unknown country, probably Spain, and returned to France after Napoleonic rule, settling in Auseja (now known as Osséja) in southern France.  Ur and Osséja in France are only about 4 miles apart in Pyrénées-Orientales department, and are both on the border with Spain. Letter is signed by don Juan de Navarro.

The distance from Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra, due east to Osséja, France, is 69 km (43 miles) on modern roads. The absence of postal markings on this cover indicates that it was privately carried.

Note in the address the word "fills" is used, which is Catalan for "sons". The "y" with a diaeresis (two dots above it) means "and".

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