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Cover Type: Foreign (other)
Entered by: dwsnow
Added on:Aug 4, 17
Edited on:Aug 5, 17
Postmark: circa Oct 21, 1855
Origin: Wien (Vienna), AUSTRIA
Destination: Unter Kubín, Hungary, AUSTRIA

Austria 1854 9 kreuzer blue machine-made paper, type III (#5e) tied by "Wien 21/10 8 A" circular datestamp to U(nter) Kubín in "Ungarn" (German for Hungary) on blue cover. Blue merchant's marking "Ignatz Kirschfeld * Wien *". Transit postmarks on back: "Pancsova 23/10" and "Neusohl 26/10".

U(nter) Kubín is currently called Dolný Kubín, a town in northern Slovakia in the Žilina Region. "Dolný Kubín" means Lower Kubín, in contrast with to Vyšný Kubín (Upper Kubín), a nearby village. Unter is German for Under.
Dolný Kubín is the historical capital of the Orava region. It was part of the Kingdom of Hungary at the time that this cover was posted.

Pančevo (Hungarian: Pancsova) is a city and the administrative center of the South Banat District in autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. It is located 17 km NE of Belgrade. At the time that this cover was posted Pancscova was part of the Military Frontier (German: Militärgrenze), a province straddling the southern borderland of the Austrian Empire. It acted as a buffer zone against incursions from the Ottoman Empire. The town was a garrison place of temporarily stationed Regiments of the Imperial Austrian Army.

Banská Bystrica (German: Neusohl) is a city in central Slovakia located on the Hron River in a long and wide valley encircled by mountains. It was part of the Kingdom of Hungary at the time that this cover was posted. When part of the Austrian Empire the German name Neusohl was used until the Compromise of 1867, when the Hungarian name Besztercebánya became the official one.

It is not known why this cover was originally routed so far south to the Austrian Military Frontier in today's Serbia, and then north all the way to Dolný Kubín in today's Slovakia, a five day journey judging from the postmarks. Most likely it was mis-routed.

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