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Cover Type: USA domestic with stamp(s)
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Postmark: Jul 13, 1863
Origin: Nashville, Tennessee, UNITED STATES
Destination: English Settlement, Marion County, Iowa, UNITED STATES

Civil War Soldier's Letter. 1861 issue 3c rose (#65) tied by partial "Nashville, Ten, Jul 13" (1863) postmark on cover from wounded soldier James A. Beaver to his wife Rachel in English Settlement, Iowa, with original four page letter on patriotic stationery with eagle and shield. The letter is datelined "Jackson hospital ward, E. Memphis, Tenn."

The writer, private James A. Beaver, was wounded in the Battle of Helena (Arkansas) on July 4, 1863. Excerpts from  letter:
Dear wife, It is with pleasure that I seating myself to inform you how I am getting along my health is good but my wound is more painful than it was at first. I hope these few lines may find you all well today is Sunday and as it is your birthday I thought I would write you a letter. I wish I had something to send to you but I have not I was wounded or I would have had a chance to have picked up something off the battlefield to remember it. I am afraid that you will not enjoy yourself very well to day for you will be uneasy about me for I suppose that you have heard of the battle long before this time. I don't think the papers so far as I have seen have done us justice - they have said very little about it - the battle of Helena our regiment was in the hottest of the engagement and lost nearly as many men as all the other regiments put together so I think we deserve some praise whether we ever get it or not if it had not been for the great battles in the east and the capture of Vicksburg and of the great movements at the same time this throwed us in the shade if it had not been for that the victory at Helena would have been rung far and wide and the SS Iowa would have received great praise for their gallant conduct at the battle of Helena the troops have done their duty nobly.

The success from our army is good from nearly every point. I think the rebellion has received its death blow but it will not die as soon as many think for but I think now is the time to give the rebels no rest while we have got such an advantage of them. It makes me feel glad to think that the time is not far off when the haters of this glorious government will have to yield to its power. I imagine I see the trembling of the copperheads and traitors at home. A great many of our boys have sworn vengeance against them if they ever get back. July 13 all well as could be expected. Write soon.
James A. Beaver
Rachel A. Beaver

On the back of the envelope is written a sad note: "my mother's father, Killed in Civil War."

The Battle of Helena was a land battle of the American Civil War fought on July 4, 1863, at Helena, Arkansas. The battle was an unsuccessful Confederate attempt to relieve pressure on the besieged city of Vicksburg.The Battle of Helena left 239 Union and 1,614 Confederate casualties. No longer threatened, Helena became an important Union enclave on the Mississippi River and would become the base for the successful campaign to seize Little Rock, Arkansas later in the year.

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