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Cover Type: USA outbound with stamp(s)
Entered by: frajola
Added on:Jan 20, 17
Edited on:May 1, 17
Postmark: 1812
Origin: St Augustine, Florida, UNITED STATES
Destination: Outside St Augustine, Florida, UNITED STATES

Florida Fiasco, folded entire, addressed in Spanish: "To Sr. Dn. T.A. Smith, Lt. Col. of the Regiment of Riflemen of the United States and commander of the troops encamped in the vicinity of St. Augustine, E. Florida" the letter that was contained in this entire was signed by the Spanish Governor Sebastian Kindelan (see image of transcript of letter from Congressional Records) ordering U.S. Colonel Smith to withdraw his troops to the other sde of the St. John's River (i.e. from Spanish Florida into American Georgia), ex Meroni, Frajola and Conland

[The U.S. Government in an attempt to acquire Spanish East Florida encouraged and supported an American led rebellion. A base was established at St. Mary's. Georgia and on March 13, 1812 a forceĀ  of approximately 80 Georgians and Floridians, led by Lt. Col. Thomas Adam Smith, who believed they would be supported by the U.S. Navy, crossed the border into Florida and formed a short lived "Territory of East Florida. " It soon became apparent that the chances for success were slim and the U.S. Government disavowed the rebels.]

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