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Cover Type: USA outbound with stamp(s)
Entered by: frajola
Added on:May 29, 16
Edited on:Jan 11, 19
Postmark: Apr 26, 1851
Origin: New York, New York, UNITED STATES
Destination: Brockville, CANADA

1847 Issue 10c Black (#2, large margins except cut slightly in at foot), tied to 1851 cover "Via Morristown NY" to Canada, by red grill cancel, New York Apr 26 origin postmark, red "Morristown NY Apr 30" exchange office postmark with month at foot of postmark and manuscript date, red scroll "U. States" exchange handstamp of Morristown (note shading in scroll), red Brockville UC Apr 30 1851 split ring arrival backstamp, no postage due, first month treaty use and the only reported 1847 issue  "Via Morristown" use with their exchange office handstamp

2015 PF cert mentions stamp lifted and replaced

(nb - it is more likely that the companion cover was carried in closed mail via Kingston than Queenston as mentioned below) From 1978 Creighton Hart article in Chronicle:

Lake Ontario is responsible for a peculiar situation for letters to Upper Canada or Canada West as it was sometimes called. Letters to Upper Canada were regularly routed via Queenston at the western end of Lake Ontario, the closest routing to most of Upper Canada. However, Upper Canada extended all across the northern edge of Lake Ontario and a short way east along the St. Lawrence River. Letters addressed to post offices at the eastern end of Upper Canada were rated 1l ~1 (20¢) if exchanged via Queenston, whereas adclressors who requested a shorter cross bord er routing to the same post office (Brockville) via Morristown, N.Y. had those letters delivered without any Canada postage due. Peculiar, but true, the reason being that letters exchanged via Queenston had to backtrack along the northern side of Lake Ontario and required the 10d. sterling rate for distances 201 to 300 miles. The 1l ~1 Canada currency equaled 10d sterling. Letters directed via Morristown went that way and because Morristown was the exchange office opposite Brockville on the St. Lawrence River, no Canada postage was due.

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