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Cover Type: USA outbound with stamp(s)
Entered by: dwsnow
Added on:Jun 12, 14
Edited on:Sep 15, 20
Postmark: Jun 30, 1856
Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, UNITED STATES
Destination: Trieste, AUSTRIA

Pair 1c blue type II imperf. (#7) tied by "New Orleans, La. Jun 30" (1856) circular datestamp on blue folded outer letter sheet paying 2c printed matter rate to Trieste, Austria. Printed endorsement in bluish-green "Printed Circular / Per Steamer".

Red French entry marking "Etats. Unis. Paq. Brit. A. Calais -- 22 Juil 56". This marking indicates that the cover came from the United States by British packet and was processed on the ambulant from Calais. Ambulant is traveling French post office on railroad.

This cover first traveled on a steamer from New Orleans to New York, taking perhaps 3 to 4 days. It had just missed the sailing of the Cunard Packet "America" on 2 July from Boston. So it caught the next sailing of the Cunard packet "Asia" which departed on 9 July from New York. The "Asia" arrived in Liverpool on 21 July, and this cover next traveled by train across Great Britain, via London, to Dover, where it caught a boat across the English Channel to Calais, France.
On board the train departing Calais it received the red French transit marking dated 22 July 1856 described above.
From Calais this cover traveled by train to Trieste, via the following cities: Calais - Paris - Basel (Switzerland) - Milan (Lombardy-Venetia, now Italy) - Venice - Trieste.

Orange crayon "3" rate marking which was probably 3 kreuzer due in Trieste. At that time, for 2 cent printed matter rate such as this circular, it was not possible to prepay the inland postage to the foreign overseas destination, only to the port of entry.

Sailing table information taken from "North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-75" by Walter Hubbard and Richard F. Winter. French transit marking information taken from "Understanding Transatlantic Mail, Volume I" by Richard F. Winter, page 262.

Special thanks to Steve Walske for deciphering the date in the French entry marking and determining the Cunard packet that carried this cover.

Input from David Zlowe on the pair of 1c stamps:  They are bottom row relief "B" stamps, good examples of the type II (#7).  What you won't find is that they are almost certainly plate 2, even though technically they could be plate 3 (due to the 1856 date).  Reason is that if you look at left ornament A (at the top on the left side) you'll see that that area on the right stamp has been burnished away relative to the left stamp, which appears much more complete.  The burnishing of that ornament is typical of many positions on plate 2, and much less so on other plates.

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