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Cover Type: USA domestic stampless
Entered by: dwsnow
Added on:May 14, 14
Edited on:May 14, 14
Postmark: Sep 5, 1825 (Hudson River Mail)
Origin: (Somewhere On Hudson River), New York, UNITED STATES
Destination: Albany, New York, UNITED STATES

Hudson River Mail magenta manuscript "B" applied at the destination of Albany, on folded outer letter sheet. Red 26 mm "Albany Sep 5" circular datestamp. Docketing "3 Sept 1825, L. Elmendorf, Mortgagee". 

Unknown origin; however, in researching the sender "L. Elmendorf" I discovered that there was a wealthy landowner by the name of Lucas Elmendorf who lived at that time in Kingston, Ulster County, NY. The Elmendorf family was an old Dutch family who settled in Ulster County, NY in the 1600s. Kingston, NY is on the Hudson River 59 miles south of Albany.

I speculate that this letter was picked up as a loose "way" letter in Kingston, on a steamboat heading north on the Hudson River on its way to Albany.

This letter is addressed to William L. Marcy, who was New York State Comptroller from 1823-1829. Marcy later became a U.S. Senator, Governor of New York, U.S. Secretary of War (1845-49) under President James K. Polk, and U.S. Secretary of State (1853-57) under President Franklin Pierce. While Secretary of State Marcy resolved the Koszta Affair, and negotiated the Gadsden Purchase, both in 1853.
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Quoting Richard C. Frajola in his Auction Sale #15 (Nov. 1984) of the Kenneth de Lisle Collection of Hudson River Mail:
A new class of mail begins to appear in September 1815. These letters bear manuscript "B" markings applied in Albany and were used to distinguish loose letters received from a boat, sloop or steamboat, captain to which the postmaster had to pay a fee. As steamboats became the dominant mode of transportation these "B" markings were superseded by "Steamboat" handstamps for the same class of mail.

According to the American Stampless Cover Catalog, Volume II (1987), page 130, this ms. "B" marking was applied at Albany to loose letters (way) received from Hudson River vessels. 
Quote: ". . . fee of two cents to be paid to the master of the steamer receiving the letter. The rate properly charged for a steamboat letter was the regular postage from the point where the letter was picked up (as reported by the master of the vessel) and its final destination."

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