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Posted Feb 11, 24 16:44 by Leven Parker (levenparker)


Thank you for the kind words Richard! My passion and interest in postal history is intrinsically linked to this board, and I am in debt to everyone who posts here. I rarely post but I regularly lurk and read and I really appreciate everyone sharing everything they do. If anyone has any peculiar and visually impressive items they feel would be appreciated by non collectors please contact me at I'm always looking for new content.

Thanks again.

Posted Feb 11, 24 8:10 by Rob Faux (robfaux)

Postal History Sunday

The migration of Postal History Sunday continues to new writing platforms and is going well - even if it is taking significant time to do it.

This week's Postal History Sunday is available for all who might like to read it.  It will be posted every week on the Substack platform here.

I will also be posting periodically on Medium - both Postal History Sunday and Genuine Faux Farm articles.  At present, there is no guarantee that each week's PHS will appear here, and I am not currently planning to migrate all of the past PHS to that site.  On the other hand, past editions are being/or have been moved to Substack.

I invite you to subscribe to one, the other, or both, if you wish.  I am experimenting to see how each of these do with attracting new readers who are outside the normal collecting "group."  Substack is currently very popular with the general public, but Medium has excellent SEO ratings and pushes content up the search engines.  If people are interested in results, I can report them here after a couple of months trial.

Have a good day everyone!

Posted Feb 10, 24 17:21 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)


I have added my anti-slavery cover and my Freedmen's Bureau cover to the census.

Posted Feb 9, 24 14:17 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

When did FAM 22 end?

That is the title and the subject of my Spotlight on Philately feature in the February 2024 issue of Scott Stamp Monthly.

Posted Feb 9, 24 13:57 by Mark Banchik (mbanchik)

San Diego Stamp Show

San Diego Stamp Show; Hilton Mission Valley Feb. 23-25, 2024 Additional show rate rooms at $179/night including breakfast have been added to inventory. Hotel has reactivated booking link.Access through 'hotel' page.

Posted Feb 9, 24 12:56 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

Leven Parker

Leven Parker has become a leading ambassador on social media for stamp & postal history collecting - especially among the younger generations. I became aware of his activities on TikTok just after he attended the Taos Philatelic Rendezvous this year. He did a podcast on youtube with Noble Spirit and Todd Glazer where he clearly differentiated postal history collecting and stamp collecting. He stressed the fact that connections people have with history will be the key to the future of collecting as mail and stamps become obsolete.

Leven's (@Leven_Parker) TikTok home page link is here (I don't recall the number of his Instagram followers but a single video, as of yesterday, has on his TikTok page has over 2,000,000 views and 200,000 likes. Congratulations my friend!  .. and thank you!

Posted Feb 8, 24 13:04 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

Mirabaud Switzerland (in English)

I had a hard time finding my PDF file of the Mirabaud Switzerland book (an 1899 classic work in English). It was mentioned on a 2016 philamercury post I made. So ... I added to the “articles” page so it will be findable from my homepage search function and articles tab.

The masterpiece work is here.

Posted Feb 8, 24 12:50 by John Barwis (jbarwis)

Postal Museum


Thanks for posting the scanned sheets. The last time I was at the museum they had not yet been scanned.

Anyone desiring to see these sheets (and many more!) can do so by appointment - you just have to get yourself to DC. You will find the staff to be welcoming and helpful.


Posted Feb 8, 24 11:14 by Kent Halland (postalnoteguy1)

BEP Archives

Not sure if you'll find them here, but there are a lot of proof sheets online.

Posted Feb 7, 24 21:39 by Andrew Kelley (akelley)

BEP Archives

To supplement what Ken said, my understanding is that the proof sheets are now in the custody of the National Postal Museum. They have assisted me by photographing several proof sheets from their collection for an article.

Posted Feb 7, 24 20:25 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

BEP archives

I don't think any of their archives are on-line, unless some collector has posted them. Researchers request copies from the BEP Historical Research Center.

Posted Feb 7, 24 11:31 by Gregory Shoults (w/f coils)

Research Website

Does anyone know of the website where you can search the archives and view proof sheets printed by the Bureau for the Washington and Franklin time period.

Posted Feb 7, 24 9:42 by Scott Trepel (strepel)

C3 Covers

The cover discussed has a 3c stamp and is genuine. There was confusion about whether the 3c domestic postage had to be paid in addition to the 24c airmail postage. It did not, but some covers have the additional 3c.

The cover shown here was bought by me on eBay for $550 and shipped by the seller in regular mail (!). It was never received. I was given a refund, but I still consider this item my rightful property if and when it turns up. If anyone sees it offered or in a collection, please alert me.


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