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Posted Sep 17, 22 6:38 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)


Ever since elite exhibitors founded the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors in 1986, they have been among the most generous group in the entire hobby in attracting and mentoring new recruits. At almost any show you can see champion exhibitors explaining to younger newer collectors the splendid opportunities that our hobby presents them.

My exhibit, "The Sun Never Sets on Mickey Mouse," served that purpose from 1992 (first shown at World Columbian Stamp Expo) to 1997 (last shown at Pacific 97). Show organizers brought buses full of children to view it and gave me a bullhorn to tell them about it. Television crews came to shows to interview me about it.

Look at any of John Hotchner's court of honor exhibits for current examples.

Remember the on-line audience for Gordon Eubanks's program on air mail postal history.

The most recent winner of the Champion of Champions Award will draw more new blood to the hobby as his exhibit tours than any of Steve's exemplary higher forms of life.


Posted Sep 16, 22 20:51 by Tim Henninger (pälzer)

Thank`s Ken ! 

I will put it in that way in the description.



Posted Sep 16, 22 19:40 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)


It's a corner position. If it were from the interior of the pane, you would see parts of the adjacent stamp subjects at the right and bottom instead of empty margins.

Posted Sep 16, 22 19:23 by Tim Henninger (pälzer)

"oversized" ?

I am very happy about the new addition attached. Am I correct, or is the 1 cent value "oversized" ? If yes, what could have caused it ?




Posted Sep 16, 22 15:33 by John Barwis (jbarwis)

The understudy

Roger, when did the understudy take over? I am not surprised, since Prussian Blue was a more expensive actor than most other pigments in the play.

The green ink used for the three cent large banknote company stamps was made with chrome yellow and Prussian blue:

PbCrO4 and [Fe2+](CN)6]4-

See IAP 2nd Symposium Proceedings, p. 53.

Posted Sep 16, 22 14:01 by Roger Heath (decoppet)


The play was successful until the star broke a leg and was substituted with understudy Barium Chromate, whose character was not suitable for continued performances. ); >)

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