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Posted Jul 18, 19 0:43 by Scott Trepel (strepel)

NYC cancels

The problem with using data is year date issues. NYC stopped using year in cds after 1863 or 1864 (I forget which). There is some guesswork involved in dating covers when the cds has no year, no docketing, no letter.

I know the "Treason" cover has a cds that is either 1865 and 1866, and I am leaning toward 1866.

Somewhere in my files is a copy of Louis Grunin's NYC cancellation collection, with everything arranged in chronological order. That would probably answer the question, if there is a reliably dated cover with the same cancel.

If I find some time to look, I will.


Posted Jul 17, 19 21:56 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

1865 / 1866

I wish people would think of using the census site!

The search results here for 1866 in date order for a New York origin on domestic mail do not show a match for March pmk that is similar. While the 1865 search here shows a no match for a cover posted by Milke Ellingson for early March but and accurate match for a May 10, 1865 cover entered by Tom Mazza. I did not bother checking other year dates. But better than guessing!

The database is very useful when you get into the capabilities ...

Posted Jul 17, 19 21:44 by Leonard Hartmann (hartmann)

New York 1860's

My posting of the Upham Patriotic for a NY year date received
only one reply, ie Scott T saying 1866 versus my guess of 1863-4

I have used Scott's data base many times for information but not yet Richards,
on doing so i found a cover posted by David S. having the identical CDS and
Grid with a documented Oct 21, 1865 usage

My cover is probably 1866 but perhaps 1865

Now some of you NY specialist, can you say what time it was postmarked !


Posted Jul 17, 19 18:03 by John Barwis (jbarwis)

Melbourne to New York, 1853

This 21 Oct 1853 letter was sent out of the mails aboard the 992 ton Ship "Rockland," which both cleared and sailed that day for Callao.

The sailing was advertised in The Argus (Melbourne) on 12 October:

"United States, via Callao and Panama - Express Line - The magnificent New York Packet Ship ROCKLAND, Hiram Vinnel, Esq., Commander, will succeed the Gem of the Sea, and sail for Callao on the 16 October next."

I have been unable to find dates in Lloyd's List for Rockland's arrival at either Callao or Panama. Does any board member have access to to arrivals for either of these two ports?

The 40 (cents) due postmark suggests the letter went to San Francisco, perhaps put in the wrong bag aboard ship. Can anyone offer other theories?


Posted Jul 17, 19 17:37 by Bernard Biales (bernard b)

Fox Auction

I once bought a late 18th century cover in a Fox Sale. The rate was strange. When I got it, I found that the date had been modified (perhaps an error while attempting to reinforce the marking). John took the item back without objection. I have no way of knowing who modified it.

Posted Jul 17, 19 11:46 by Chip Gliedman (cgliedman)


Jim: USPCS - SCRAP program site here

Posted Jul 17, 19 11:21 by Jim Baird (bairdo)

Fox's fakes

Has there ever been an effort to assemble a list of known/probable covers created by John Fox? 

Word has it that he did not sell such material in his auctions. That may have been - but is it true?


Posted Jul 17, 19 3:19 by A. Lavar Taylor (lavart1)


Astronauts are from that small group of people who are happy when they are down and out.

Posted Jul 17, 19 0:26 by Bob Bramwell (rudy2donline)

Launch Day

I was about a month short in Viet Nam when Apollo 11 launched and knew nothing about it. Thank you AFVN - must have been a "security" concern.  Anyway, my old man, a Navy man from 1944 penned this for delivery after I got back


Posted Jul 16, 19 23:54 by Farley Katz (navalon)

Astronaut letters

Many years ago, I used to frequent John's Pizzeria on Bleecker Street (I think). The owner was a serious astronaut fan and had a number of letters sent to him by astronauts hanging on the walls in frames. One letter began:

John's Pizzeria

123 Bleecker St.

New York, NY

Dear Mr. Pizzeria:

Posted Jul 16, 19 23:26 by Leonard Hartmann (hartmann)

Upham NY

Thanks Scott

my NY 1863-4 was based on the yellow envelope, i know nothing on
the dating of the pm

the later ones of this design that i know of; all unused on white envelopes with minor
changes in inscripton, also "Roots of Treason' and not just "Treason"


Posted Jul 16, 19 22:49 by Scott Trepel (strepel)

NY Upham

Leonard H

I think 1866 is more likely

Posted Jul 16, 19 18:35 by Michael Schreiber (michaelschreiber)

my "To the Moon" exhibit in the Frajola 2018 Philamercury Digital Rendezvous

With 1969 moon landing frenzy at its peak this week, I suggest you take a look or another look at my one-frame, 15-page digital exhibit "To the Moon: United States Astronauts on Stamps on Registered Publicity Covers of the Trucial Emirates."

The PDF version of the exhibit is located here.

Click on "Exhibits." It is down the 2018 listing as exhibit No. 30.

Why do I collect these covers?

1. In their own quirky way, they are historical.

2. It is fun.

3. Showing the covers to other stamp collectors often makes them snicker or even snort.

Posted Jul 16, 19 18:05 by Bob Watson (neopanax)

NZ to Philadelphia cover

Len Thanks for the confirmation that it's a PO marking and for the reference. Cheers, Bob

Posted Jul 16, 19 17:53 by Leonard Hartmann (hartmann)

S. C. Upham

Could some of you put a year date on the NY cancel, i assume 1863 or 1864

This is part of my CSA fake/bogus collection that i get up to writing up
from time to time, i am sure this cover is genuine



Posted Jul 16, 19 6:15 by Leonard Piszkiewicz (lenp99)

NZ to Philadelphia cover

Yes, Clarke type R8 ("A Catalog of Philadelphia Postmarks," Part II, pp. 14-2--14-3).


Posted Jul 16, 19 4:33 by Bob Watson (neopanax)

NZ to Philadelphia cover 2

The front


Posted Jul 16, 19 4:32 by Bob Watson (neopanax)

NZ to Philadelphia cover

I'm attaching a scan of the back (front next) from New Zealand in 1872 to Philadelphia. I'm interested to confirm that the black date stamp in a "rounded rectangle" on the back is a Philadelphia PO marking, or is it private?


Posted Jul 15, 19 12:47 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

A New Sale

I have uploaded a new sale.

Frajola United States And Confederate States Postal History Sale - Ends August 5, 2019.

A small "Buy or Bid" sale that includes early stampless with a 1797 use from St. Louis, stamped covers with patriotics as well as an exceptional group of 2c Black Jack uses in highest quality. Western Express items include an 1860 Pony Express use and two used propaganda envelopes. Confederate States includes an inbound blockade-run cover from Fraser Trenholm Co. in London.

Posted Jul 15, 19 12:43 by John Barwis (jbarwis)

The Happening

Another successful meeting in New Orleans. Although 17 registrants called in to cancel, there were quite a few new participants.

The tropical storm, which never reached hurricane strength, went ashore 135 miles west of New Orleans, about 50 miles west of Morgan City. Minor flooding and wind damage, as well as a few evacuations, was limited to the marshy parishes south and west of New Orleans. The news media was scrambling to find scenes that reflected their hype, and finally came up with a tree that had fallen on a house trailer (no injuries). At times the media types actually seemed disappointed at having so little to report.

No doubt chastened by their Hurricane Katrina experiences, all the southern parishes did a terrific job of planning, facilities preparations, and coordination.

New Orleans was in the outer bands and experienced only intermittent rain squalls and 25-40 mph gusts. No thunderstorms. New Orleans got less that three inches of rain (with a few outbreaks of sun), which was spread over three days. Having lived in New Orleans, the rain event seemed similar to usual July-August storms. All-in-all, the weather was no big deal.

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