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Posted Jun 13, 07 17:51 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

John- Just cut and paste the URL directly into the box - forget the hyerlink stuff ...

Posted Jun 13, 07 19:34 by Scott Trepel (imported from old message board)


Testing password.

Posted Jun 13, 07 19:50 by Dave S (imported from old message board)

Test for pic posting

Cut and paste url from photo shop....
Trying to create a link to same pic.....
Richard...if this hoses up the board, please delete.

Posted Jun 13, 07 20:46 by Bernard Biales (imported from old message board)

John Cunningham

Any relative of the famous test pilot?
Bernard Biales

Posted Jun 13, 07 22:17 by John Cunningham (imported from old message board)

John Cunningham relation.  My family left England after my ancestor John Greenwood was executed for sedition in 1593.  The getting was good.. 

Posted Jun 13, 07 22:33 by Elliot Coleman (imported from old message board)


Glad the new site is up & running.

Posted Jun 14, 07 7:54 by Barry Elkins (imported from old message board)

test image post

(edited by RCF) - Barry - your link was to something on your computer rather than an image on the net. 

Posted Jun 14, 07 12:38 by Bill Cummings (imported from old message board)

Bill Cummings

Just testing

Posted Jun 14, 07 12:45 by Roger Heath (imported from old message board)

Roger Heath

Aloha Richard -

I always like to open images in a new window as it avoids the necessity of refreshing any open page. There are two option check boxes at the bottom of this page allowing one to make this choice. Is it possible to bring both choices to the top of the page so one can make the choice when logging on, rather than having to scroll all the way down to the bottom to click the boxes?

"Click Here to have message topics open in a separate window
Click Here to have All links on this page open in a secondary window "


Posted Jun 14, 07 12:59 by Larry Bustillo (imported from old message board)

Larry Bustillo

APS election results have been posted

Posted Jun 14, 07 13:04 by Robert J. Lampert (imported from old message board)

Another test

Another test to see if it works.  // Bob L.

Posted Jun 14, 07 13:37 by Wm B Robinson (imported from old message board)

Wm B Robinson

Posting test. Richard- thanks for your effort in re-constructing the board. Looks and works fine. Cary J- thanks for showing the Detroit SFL. PS - rec'd the pm list from Chris B. .....Bill Robinson

Posted Jun 14, 07 13:52 by Momen (imported from old message board)

New Stamp Website

I just Finished working on my website. Would like to get feedback from board members regarding the look & functionality of the site.
Thank you,

Posted Jun 14, 07 15:02 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

Gordon E - I am leaning in the direction of activating the FTP protocol for images. Hesitation is partially because I see that add-on as being overpriced (along with nickel and diming me by charging an extra $1 a month for spell-checker, etc). Oh well, everbody has to eat.
Roger H - I can't control placement of the preference boxes. Can't really complain as at least the option to pop up in new window, or not, is available. 

Posted Jun 14, 07 15:12 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

I just activated the "FTP" system so that registered members can upload files directly from their computers.

Your users will now find a new option at the bottom
of the Post Message form, labeled:
-Click here to attach a file to this message-

Clicking on this option allows a user to
search/identify a file on his/her computer to
be uploaded and attached to a message on your board.

Users viewing messages on your board,
that have files attached to them,
will notice an icon at the bottom of those
messages with the name and size of the attached file.

Clicking on this icon will allow them
to either view the attached file, if it's an
image file(gif, jpg, or jpeg), or download the file
to their PC, if it's of another type.

Posted Jun 14, 07 15:33 by Michael Perlman (imported from old message board)


Just a test. 


Posted Jun 14, 07 15:38 by Michael Perlman (imported from old message board)

just testing a cover post

Blodgett cover to China. Scott #s 16,16,15,26 by Am Pkt.


Posted Jun 14, 07 16:23 by Bernard Biales (imported from old message board)

M. Perlman

Nice work if you can get it.  That must have been in one or two places of note.  Judd was a guy who collected pretty covers like that.
Bernard B

Posted Jun 14, 07 16:39 by Bernard Biales (imported from old message board)

Lysander Spooner

Just reading an interesting letter re the private mails that competed with the USPO 1843-5.  Lysander Spooner writes to PMG Wycliffe in Jan 44 that he is about to set up one such from Balt to Boston and basicallyl challenging him to a legal duel on the constitutional issue.
Bernard B

Posted Jun 14, 07 16:40 by Robert J. Lampert (imported from old message board)

Robert J. Lampert

Test image upload -- 82L4 Pink


Posted Jun 14, 07 17:16 by Norman Hinds (imported from old message board)

Norman Hinds

Another boring test.


Posted Jun 14, 07 17:53 by Henrik Mouritsen (imported from old message board)

fredbettin contact details

Dear all,
I urgently need to get into contact with Ebay seller "fredbettin" in Beverly Hills California. Can anyone sent me his telephone number and/or address privately to
I would be very happy if you can help.
Best wishes,
Henrik Mouritsen 

Posted Jun 14, 07 18:07 by Norman Hinds (imported from old message board)

Norman Hinds

I think the new site is great!  In answer to your question # 4 if you are referring to the way I just posted a photo directly from my computer, it is very easy and depending upon the extra cost seems worthwhile to me.
   My only negative comment so far is that the system seems very slow after clicking on a link and then getting back to the board. Maybe others could comment whether they have the same problem.

Posted Jun 14, 07 19:38 by nomad55 (imported from old message board)

Dave S for Henrik - Re Fred

Just sent you an email with his mailing address.

Posted Jun 14, 07 20:36 by John Moore (imported from old message board)

John Moore

Test pic


Posted Jun 14, 07 20:42 by Ron Cipolla (imported from old message board)

Ron Cipolla

Check Out This Test Photo:

Between the fields where the flag is planted, there are 9+ miles of flower fields that go all the way to the ocean. The flowers are grown by seed companies. It's a beautiful place, close to Vandenberg AFB. Check out the dimensions of the flag The Floral Flag is 740 feet long and 390 fee t wide and maintains the proper Flag dimensions, as described in Executive Order #10834. This Flag is 6.65 acres and is the first Floral Flag to be planted with 5 pointed Stars, comprised of White Larkspur. Each Star is 24 feet in diameter; each Stripe is 30 feet wide. This Flag is estimated to contain more than 400,000 Larkspur plants, with 4-5 flower stems each, for a total of more than 2 million flowers.


Posted Jun 14, 07 20:56 by Greg (imported from old message board)

445 Single Usage

This is one of those items cover collectors would like to educate the dealers that don't have enough common sense to know when they have a good item. This would have been the only known single usage of a 445 on cover. Unfortunatly, the dealer thought the cover was a bit tattered and trimmed the cover to leave the stamp and postmark intact on piece.


Posted Jun 14, 07 21:22 by nomad55 (imported from old message board)

From Dave S

Ron C.....the flower flag is somewhat of a tradition.  Its planted each year just west of Lompoc Calif in the Santa Ynez Valley.  I have seen about 10 years worth back in the 70's and 80's when I worked at Vandenberg.  Very impressive.
John M....nice ad cover.  That's one of the more colorful designs.

Posted Jun 14, 07 21:59 by Carl Roberts (imported from old message board)

Carl Roberts

Well done, Richard!
To Norman and Steven and anyone else who might be finding it slow to reopen the board after viewing a link...
On many boards you can right click on a link instead of just opening it with a left click.  that gives you a menu that lets you select to Open the link in a separate window.  Some sites open such links automatically in a separate window.  Either way, that leaves the original site still open and simply closing the window after viewing the link returns you to the original board or web site.
On this board you cannot right click, but instead if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see a box you can check, telling your browser to open any selected links in a new window.  Just click on the check box, and any link you open here will open in a second window.
That way you don't need to wait for this board to reload, it remains open but hidden until you are ready to return.

Posted Jun 14, 07 22:02 by Gary Steele (imported from old message board)

DLO Registration Handstamp Canada or US?

Great new board everyone, similar to the BNAPS one, things are finally moving in the right direction on the net.

I am hunting down DLO items from Canada (let me know if you have any) and sent this item to Jeff Wallace. But we had a discussion about the DLO Registration box which is listed in Jarrett and Boggs. Is it Canadian or US?


Posted Jun 15, 07 0:13 by David Handelman (imported from old message board)

US not Canada DLO marking

Gary (Steele): It is a New York DLO marking; it is not related to registration at all---the location of the US registration number is coincidentally near it. When my scanner is back in operation, I will post a clearer example.

Posted Jun 15, 07 6:41 by Norman Hinds (imported from old message board)

Norman Hinds

Carl Roberts
Thanks for the tip on opening the second window for viewing images. That works fine and solves the slowness problem.

Posted Jun 15, 07 6:42 by doug sayles (imported from old message board)

Doug Sayles (nm)

No Message

Posted Jun 15, 07 6:50 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

I am making this a "sticky" post for a day. Suggestions / Question:
1. Please enter your name when prompted for message title.
2. Please do not try to do hyperlinks till things get sorted out better - use cut and paste of the URL or embed the image for now.
3. When registering, you have to respond to the email that the system sends to "ping" verify that the email address is valid. If you don't respond directly to that email, you won't be able to post.
4. I can set the board up so that people without their own web space can upload images / files directly from their computers. There is a cost associated with that service. If it is desired, I can do it (saves me posting images for people through my website). Comments welcome.

Posted Jun 15, 07 6:54 by Bill Longley (imported from old message board)

Canadian vs US DLO Marking

Gary, That boxed DLO is absolutely American. Boggs is in error. If you look in old auction catalogues you will see Hennok routinely called this a Canadian marking. It is not.


Posted Jun 15, 07 8:08 by Mohamed (imported from old message board)

Mohamed Nasr

Bill Weiss:

last public auction"???!!!

Posted Jun 15, 07 8:17 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

I messed something up with the display when I added the new forum. Will try to correct.

Posted Jun 15, 07 8:22 by Mohamed (imported from old message board)

Mohamed Nasr

Richard F.:

I like the new background color and the no borders style... I wonder if you can replace the "Short Message Title" field by the "Name" field on the "Post" page since there is no need to have the name repeated 3 times per post.

Posted Jun 15, 07 8:29 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

Mohamed N - I can replace some of the field labels but not not that one. Have been trying to get an over-ride from support but it seems that with this system, changes for individual boards, other than certain "toggle" changes, are not possible as they are deployed system wide.

Posted Jun 15, 07 11:03 by John Moore (imported from old message board)

John Moore

Dave S:  A check will be on it's way to you tomorrow for a copy of Bomar 3.  Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
Richard:  I hope you can keep the feature to add attachments from the individuals computer files.  Very easy and I assume much less of a hastle for you (having to post pics for others).

Posted Jun 15, 07 11:17 by Barry Elkins (imported from old message board)

Barry Elkins

To Fritz
The people who come to mind who would have this information about Philadelphia postmarks would be either Norm Shachat or Tom Clarke.  If you don't have either e-mail address let me know & I can send either to you off-line when I get home tonight.

Posted Jun 15, 07 11:27 by Barry Jablon (imported from old message board)

US - Canada routing question

This cover went from Blackfoot City, Montana Territory on September 24, 1870 to Foxboro "Canada West."  Receivers on the back show it entered Canada at Cornwall, Ontario (Oct.5) and was sent on to Belleville, and then Foxboro (Oct.6).  That's doing it the hard way.
Most likely this was carried by horse or stage down to the Union Pacific tracks in Utah Territory (say Corinne or Ogen) where it went east. But why didn't it cross the border at Detroit-Windsor, or Buffalo - Hamilton? Why did it go to the northernmost border of New York, where it reached Cornwall Ontario only by going through a Mohawk Indian Reservation (all this per the US 1870 census map)?

Posted Jun 15, 07 11:39 by Barry Jablon (imported from old message board)

US - Canada routing question

So I couldn't upload the map to diagram this, but the cover in question travelled 300 miles too far northeast, and then from Cornwell came back another 300 miles southwest, to reach its destination. How come?

Posted Jun 15, 07 11:44 by Barry Jablon (imported from old message board)

US - Canada routing question

Here's the cover front-- I'm not sufficiently adept to show the reverse in the same post, but if that might help someone unravel this, let me know and I'll post it as well.


Posted Jun 15, 07 11:51 by Fritz (imported from old message board)


Does anyone know the EKU date when Philadelphia changed from blue in (cds) to black ink in January, 1854?

Posted Jun 15, 07 11:57 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

Barry J - I would say that your cover got mis-sorted someplace in the US and missed the hand-off to the "Canada West" bag.

Posted Jun 15, 07 12:52 by Michael Perlman (imported from old message board)

Michael Perlman

Bill Weiss: I believe that the list of recommended auctioneers that you referred to was on Richard Frajola's personal website and not on his board.  I also believe that the inclusion of Siegel's was at least 6 months ago.  This is not new news.

Posted Jun 15, 07 15:29 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

As I plan to abandon the boards posted on "KBNET" I have decided to set up a separate forum so that members can list their collecting interests and email address if desired.

Posted Jun 15, 07 16:22 by nomad55 (imported from old message board)

Dave S.

There will be a slight delay in the mailing out of the Bomar CDs.  Two reasons - I encountered a technical glitch in transferring files to the CD from my hard drive, and also have gotten word today  from a correspondent that a rather large collection of Columbian material has just come onto the market. 
For those who have sent orders, please be patient until I get all this resolved, and accept my apologies.
Dave S.

Posted Jun 15, 07 17:11 by Nick Kirke (imported from old message board)

Getting lost

Richard, Since yesterday format has changed. Now I cannot see the messages enbloc. I must request individual messages. This means it is tough to follow conversations. The whole nature of the board has changed. A bit like London airport. Will it ever be like it was?? Can Kamila post scans as previously? I know spams are a menance but I feel the board I contributed so freely has lost some of it¨s attraction. Nick

Posted Jun 15, 07 17:29 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

Nick - If you mouse over the blue text at top, you can set it to view all messages and set how many days worth of messages you want to view. Probably have to set that once a day. Then it should be fine. It is a little more complicated than before but within you skill level I know.

Posted Jun 15, 07 18:09 by (imported from old message board)

Jim Watson

I liked the previous format better, too.  I know this limits the scrolling but it also keeps you from finding items which you didn't know would interest you.  Everything now requires an additional step.

(BTW, I tried to post this several times an hour ago and nothing was being accepted from me by the board.)

Posted Jun 15, 07 18:52 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

OK - I've changed it back after several emails and the comments. I lost the member "interest" page - have to come up with a different solution.
I can make it a divided screen with three different forums showing at left of screen. Still take 2 clicks I think.

Posted Jun 15, 07 19:01 by Stan Grove (imported from old message board)

Stan Grove

I think I saw a post from RF saking for no more test posts, so this is not a test post -- thoug it may not work :-)

What you're supposed to see is a jpeg from my computer:


Posted Jun 15, 07 19:09 by bill weiss (imported from old message board)

Bill Weiss

M. Perlman;
  OK Mike, you can spin it any way you wish but the fact is that the Premier US Auction firm was not there until (whenever you say).

Posted Jun 15, 07 20:32 by Ron Cipolla (imported from old message board)

Ron Cipolla

Does anyone know who the current "expert" is for Indianapolis stampless markings might be?

Posted Jun 15, 07 21:52 by (imported from old message board)

Cary Johnson

Ron C.  Arthur Hadley is an expert on Indiana.  I have his email if you need.  Let me know off board.

Posted Jun 16, 07 13:22 by (imported from old message board)

Chip G

One of my favorites.  24c, 4x 5c type II, and 1c type II paying 45c British Mail rate via Marseilles.  (
Why it fits:
- Two of the browns have the engravers' imprint caught.  Bacame the justification for inclusion in my "imprints" collection (
Why  I like it:
- Great franking - three denominations, including the 24c (which is hard to find on cover)
- Great destination (Singapore is a very unusual destinatio)
- Great quality.
Extra bonus:
- Attached to the inside by a bit of wax is a clipping from the newspaper with the official results of the 1860 Presidential election.( as well as other news of the war in the letter.
Side note:
- I refolded it back to the way it was originally mailed.  Here is what it looked like when  I bought it::
(edited to add link to image. I typed the wrong password, and when I went back to fix, I "lost" the tick on the include an image box)

Posted Jun 16, 07 14:34 by Jeffrey Wallace (imported from old message board)

Jeffrey Wallace

Thanks Richard,
I collect Canada/US cross-border, WWII Canada-Switzerland, transatlantic and Merchants' Bank of Halifax/Royal Bank of Canada covers.  I work for RBC, hence the narrow interest.
This cover is the earliest MHB stationary I have, an 1886 domestic cover from Truro, NS to Upper Stewiacke, NS, a journey of roughly 30 miles.  In 1886 MHB (renamed Royal Bank of Canada in 1901) employed 64 staff and established 22 branches/agencies.  Today, it is Canada's largest financial institution employing nearly 70,000 staff and is slowly growing in the US, notably RBC Centura.
I understand it's not significant in a PH sense, but it's important for my interest in RBC and early banking history.


Posted Jun 16, 07 15:31 by (imported from old message board)

Matt Kewriga

My favorite item is the highest franked Banknote cover that I know of.  $2.64 in postage for 22-times the 12c rate to Australia.


Posted Jun 17, 07 22:00 by stephen tedesco (imported from old message board)

Stephen Tedesco

This new arrival for my 15c 1870-90 collection is one of my favorites. Paying 4x the 3d rate using the Samoa Palm Tree issue to the US and then the 15c stamp for the UPU and registry to Germany.

Posted Jun 18, 07 9:10 by stephen tedesco (imported from old message board)

Stephen Tedesco

Richard F
Thank you for all the time and effort put into this new board. I believe the spammers did us a favor as the many new functions are a great improvement in my opinion. Just love the image loading from the computer. Again, thank you.

Posted Jun 18, 07 9:57 by Steve Taylor (UK) (imported from old message board)

Steve Taylor (UK)

Although no longer a collector, as a full-time dealer, I have the pleasure of buying some very nice collections - Peter Fowke was a long-time collector on this side of the Pond with 3 main interests: Columbian Expo; Leavitt machine cancels; and Pioneer advertising postal cards, especially on UX1 & UX3.  Just starting to sort his material, but thought this would be a nice scan to start with: so far the only recorded example from the "G" machine at the expo & written up by Reg Morris in the Machine Cancel Forum in April 1982 (Peter bought it in London in 1980)


Posted Jun 18, 07 10:01 by Corey Long (imported from old message board)

Corey Long

Here is one of my favorite items - combinding my interest in essays/proofs with my favorite stamp - the 1856-1861 5c Jefferson.


Posted Jun 18, 07 11:45 by Chip Gliedman (imported from old message board)

Chip Gliedman

Lunchtime scanning of new posts and the chance to show one that picks up on Corey's and Michael's posts. This is a cover that brings both subjects together:
Strip of three of the 5c 1860 issue to pay the 15c rate to France.
Sent from San Francisco on July 1, 1861, which was the first day of the daily (Monday through Saturday) overland service by the central route.
Bought for not very much (maybe $150) because of the imprint copy of the stamps. Prior owner had written it up as probably going by sea. Posted a pic on this board about 2 years ago and was informed of the real significance of this cover.
Great resource here. Thanks.


Posted Jun 18, 07 12:12 by Bob Hohertz (imported from old message board)

Bob Hohertz

Will post a favorite Prexie cover as well - one that will not get us back into the arguments about concentrating on solo usages, either.

This is a franking for seven times the 30¢ per half ounce airmail rate to Sweden in May of 1941, plus 15¢ registry and 5¢ return receipt fees.


Posted Jun 18, 07 13:58 by Nick Kirke (imported from old message board)

appreciation nice cover

Stephen Tedesco,
Stephen, what a beautiful NYFM 15c cover you show us!! It just has everything, red cancels, rare franking , Supplementary usage and just about everything else. If ever my enthusiasm for NYFM's slightly diminishes it is because of the dearth of such material on the open market - but your post reminds me what is out there.
I also echo your sentiments re Richard's reinvention of the wheel concerning his chatboard. I'm getting used to it slowly but surely. It must have caused him much time and effort. We are all indebted to his perserverance.

Posted Jun 18, 07 14:48 by Corey Long (imported from old message board)

Corey Long

Chip G, great cover!  Obviously a nice find due to the route, but I'd have to say regardless of the route I'll buy all the #30A strips of three on cover someone wants to sell for $150!!

Posted Jun 18, 07 16:44 by swalske (imported from old message board)

Steve W

Now that I've figured out how to do this image insertion process (albeit somewhat painful), here's an advertisement for a talk I'm giving at the Collectors Club this Wednesday evening on Boules de Moulins mail from the 1870 Franco-Prussian War. 
This letter was placed in a zinc ball and submerged in the Seine in an effort to get it to Paris during the siege.  The ball (or "boule") was launched around January 15, 1871 and sailed right past Paris underwater.  It was recovered near the mouth of the Seine on August 6, 1968 (yes, that is 97 years later), and finally delivered on August 31, 1970. 
Whoever said the French weren't tenacious...


Posted Jun 19, 07 0:23 by Jim F Baughman (imported from old message board)

To: David H RE:$5 Moore solo

David H--
Thanks for your info.  The date is October 1984, past when the Americana $5 was available, although the Moore continued to be used for some time legitimately. 
Elsewhere someone has informed me that the sender was Allen's Stamp and Coin in Westerville OH, so I think that sort of nails the philatelic angle.
There are two thinned places on the back of the cover where the return receipt would have been attached.
Thanks for your help!

Posted Jun 19, 07 7:09 by Mike Ellingson (imported from old message board)

Mike Ellingson

Just trying to catch up on the new board after being out of town again for a week.  Nice to see some great material posted.

Guy, wouldn't this look nice on a page with yours?


Posted Jun 19, 07 7:31 by Robert Brown (imported from old message board)

Robert Brown

I have a cover sent from Puerto Rico to the United States in 1914, with a 5c parcel post stamp on the cover. Was the rate from possessions to the mainland the UPU rate? from a certain year to a certain year?

Posted Jun 19, 07 8:01 by Jorge Vega (imported from old message board)

Dazed and confused

Am I the only one who finds the new format confusing? I can't make heads or tails of the messages nor navigate the options. I feel it takes a lot of effort to participate and keep up with the posts. I'm too old fashioned, I guess, but I prefer the "open page" format the other board had...

Posted Jun 19, 07 8:05 by Roger Rhoads (imported from old message board)

"Garbage" Story

David, yep, it's true.  The collector put together a wonderful single framer of very fancy MA cancels and sent it to the appropriate officials for the show.  When it arrived, there were only 15 pages, missing the cover page that had the South Hanson locomotive on it.  The collector arrived at the show and received the awful word.  After the shock wore off, he began to mentally retracd his steps and remembered that he had put out the garbage that morning and had emptied the waste basket in his office.  He called his son and asked him to rush over and check out through the garbage can, assuming the pickup had not yet happened.  Son called back an hour later to say that he had found a used Priority Mail envelope with the cover page in it with no damage.  No award at the show, but a BIG sigh of relief.

Posted Jun 19, 07 8:27 by Chad Snee (imported from old message board)

Chad Snee uploading pictures

Can't load images that are on my computer desktop. What is the fix? Many thanks.

Posted Jun 19, 07 8:29 by stephen tedesco (imported from old message board)

Stephen Tedesco

Jorge Vega
May I make a suggestion that seems to help me. When the board first opens I usually click on the latest post which opens as a single message. Only then does the view bar appear at the top tool bar. Another click and the board opens to the open format which we all love. Yes, one extra step but there are many new benefits to the new site. hope this helps.

Posted Jun 19, 07 8:34 by stephen tedesco (imported from old message board)

Stephen Tedesco

Chad Snee,
Try clicking the box  under your name (required) and follow the prompts.

Posted Jun 19, 07 8:49 by Chad Snee (imported from old message board)

Chad Snee

I followed the prompts, to no avail. Might have to try another avenue.

Posted Jun 19, 07 8:49 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

I understand that people are having a difficult time understanding how to make the board appear in the "old fashioned" format for viewing. I am trying now to resolve this issue so that the old style is the default.

Posted Jun 19, 07 8:58 by Chip Gliedman (imported from old message board)

Chip Gliedman

Well, as long as we're on a 5c "thread," here's
Stephen - remember this one from Taos?  The concensus there was that it was an Indian Red.  It matched two Indian red covers that were there and I think your tests showed the same ink profile as the Indian Red.  However, since then, I sent it to the PF for their opinion, and it now has a cert as the "Bright Red Brown" shade (which is what I bought it as).
It took the PF 6 months (or was it 8? I can't remember now) to figure out what color the brown stamp was.  Nothing else about the cover was in doubt - just the color.  Something either is, or isn't a color.  How can there be a difference of opinion that takes that long to resolve?


Posted Jun 19, 07 8:59 by Chip Gliedman (imported from old message board)

Chip Gliedman

Here's and "Indian Red" (not a good scan)


Posted Jun 19, 07 8:59 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

Favorite Stamp or Cover - OK, since we have added the FTP ability to load images directly to the board, maybe we can see how many people are here, and what they collect.
Please post a favorite item and tell us how it relates to your main collecting interest.

Posted Jun 19, 07 9:00 by Chip Gliedman (imported from old message board)

Chip G

And lastly, here's a Red Brown with a wonderful depth to the color.


Posted Jun 19, 07 9:18 by Dave S. (imported from old message board)

Dave S

An update on my computer technical difficulties.  The repair shop found a loose wire that caused intermittant power to the CD drive portion.  Thats why the drive would spin up, slow down, waver, and sometimes just stop entirely.
I will pick up the machine this afternoon.  For those who are waiting for a package from me, thanks for being patient.  I can understand your anxiety.
I suppose I should post up a cover.  Since I'm not on my primary machine (where all the "good stuff" is archived), here's a prexy 4 1/2 coil paying three times the printed matter rate.


Posted Jun 19, 07 9:19 by stephen tedesco (imported from old message board)

Stephen Tedesco

Chip G.
I have my records in front of me but for lack of time will post later in the day.

Posted Jun 19, 07 9:48 by David Lobdell (imported from old message board)

David Lobdell


I am always bemused by the changes that creep into a good philatelic story as it passes down the line. The basic outline remains, but subtle alterations and embellishments do occur as the story becomes second-hand, third-hand etc.. Your version differs somewhat from the following two that I received via e-mail:

(1) " He showed one frame of spectacular items at the Stampshow in Providence that we both attended. The title page, featuring some item worth 25 grand was missing then. [He] had taken the pages from a manila envelope for the show, but title page stuck inside. Cleaning lady threw out manila envelope. It was recovered from the dumpster where he lives, title page intact."

(2) "The full entire with the South Hanson locomotive was suppose to be shown by
[him] at the Boxborough show a few years back as part of his
one-frame display of Massachusetts fancy cancels. The only problem was that
when he arrived at the show the title page with the entire was missing.
Rather fraught, he searched around his home for the page, eventually finding
it in the rubbish bin (left inside an envelope he had transferred the
exhibit from). He reported[ly] purchased it privately about 40 years ago from
Bob Siegel."

Posted Jun 19, 07 11:31 by stephen tedesco (imported from old message board)

Stephen Tedesco

Corey Long,
   Had to take another look when I saw your post. You know you committed a sacrilege when you posted this material! Very nice!
   As you know firsthand about my love for the grill essays, I also am rather heavy into the large Bank Note essay and proof material. The plate proof on the left, followed by the die proof both show the National Co. embossed seal. On the right is one of the unadopted 1c essays with  pencil sketch of frame. I have expanded into the 1c material and have a good part of the story.


Posted Jun 19, 07 11:53 by Gordon Eubanks (imported from old message board)

Gordon E

It is hard to have a favorite but I really like these .... and the Yankee ingenuity that inspired  the sender to avoid the retaliatory rates.  And the unexpected consequences of being upgraded ... both these were mailed during the retaliatory period.  Winter's excellent book has a superb discussion of this rate and a picture of a stampless cover from the same correspondence.


Posted Jun 19, 07 12:31 by Mike Gutman (imported from old message board)

My Favorite Cover (nm)

No Message

Posted Jun 19, 07 12:33 by Michael Perlman (imported from old message board)

Michael Perlman


Finally a 10¢ 1861 cover:
Dual mixed franking of a U.S. #68 with a Hong Kong 8¢ yellow, paying the pre-treaty rate of 10¢U.S. & 8¢ Hong Kong postage.   Thomas Hunt & Co. (Hong Kong) forwarder put both stamps on the cover and posted it in Hong Kong on November 26,1867.   The treaty between Hong Kong and the U.S. was not executed by the U.S. until November 12, 1867 and Hong Kong had not yet heard that the new rate was in effect.   San Francisco January 1, 1868 ds.
One of my personal favorites!  I was fortunate to purchase this item before the China market heated up.  There are far fewer extraordinary covers with #68s than with the earlier 10¢ issues.  I rank this cover as a "top ten" #68 cover.


Posted Jun 19, 07 12:36 by Mike Gutman (imported from old message board)

My Favorite Cover

A philatelic mentor told me years ago that there were only two types of postal history covers, the ones you have and the ones you don't have. There is no image here because I don't have even one of my favorite covers. It's the 13c 1917, Scott 513 used solo correctly either as a registered or special delivery service from January 10, 1919 to June 30, 1919. My next favorite cover is a 13c 1917 solo use precancel cover, any date.

Anyone got either one?

Posted Jun 19, 07 13:45 by Roger Heath (imported from old message board)

Roger Heath

I've discovered an interesting feature of this Board.

Earlier I commented that I must scroll horizontally to read each message, which is annoying. Michael P's message just fits my page width making scrolling unnecessary. I 've been looking at everyone's favorite covers (great items) and realized the text in the pop-up window always fits the width no matter the width of the window. The image description text collapses or expands as necessary. It is also configured to center the text under the image, not flush left. The end result - No scrolling right!

Is it possible for the main board to be configured in a similar manner text collapse/expansion feature as the pop-up window, though without the " center command"?

When I look at the Board it appears with no division between messages. There is a light yellow background (same as old Board) at the top of the page. All message text is a greyed yellow reducing the contrast of the text

Posted Jun 19, 07 13:51 by Roger Heath (imported from old message board)

Roger Heath

Well, the greyed yellow disappeared and a double line box now surrounds all messages, though no division between messages. The ID below each massage now is on a single line.

While writing this message I discovered my bookmark maintains the greyed yellow and no outline, while the page appearing after posting a message leads to the above description.

A work in progress behind the scenes. )'>)

Posted Jun 19, 07 13:53 by Jeorme C. Jarnick (imported from old message board)

Jerome C. Jarnick

Roger Heath
It's your browser or settings.  Using IE7, the messages fit the screen without having to scroll back and forth.  Jerry

Posted Jun 19, 07 14:10 by Stan Grove (imported from old message board)

Stan Grove

Roger, try re-bookmarking the page when you have it as you like it, that fixed the problem for me.

Posted Jun 19, 07 14:11 by Roger Heath (imported from old message board)

Roger Heath

Jerry -
No IE 7 available for Mac.
I use Display Setting of 800x600, which allows me to read my screen in all applications. If I change the screen setting to 1024x768, the font size becomes proportionally reduced requiring I increase the size of all fonts for legibility. I can increase the font size in my browser window, but that requires even more scrolling as the window extends proportionally off to the right.

As I wrote below the pop-up window with the posted text beneath the images expands and contracts depending on the browser window width, not a fixed setting as used on the main board. The text wraps to the next line.

A question back to you. If you increase the font in your browser window, does the text wrap to the next line, or expand to the right off the screen? Michael's post has a large explanation under his image in the pop-up window. If I increase the text size on that page, the text wraps without any necessity of widening the window. As I increase font size, instead of going off to the right of the screen, each size increment results in a different word ending the line. If I increase this page the text just goes further of to the right with the same word ending each line, so there is no advantage in changing display resolution and increasing font size. The end result is the same, scroll right.

Posted Jun 19, 07 14:49 by David Lobdell (imported from old message board)

David Lobdell

Roger H,

How large is the screen on your Mac? I have a 17" one, and the text of this board reads comfortably at a 1152x700 display setting without scrolling (see screenshot). I can even increase the Safari font size a couple of clicks and still have the text contained. If I change the display to 800x500, the text becomes grotesquely large.


Posted Jun 19, 07 17:02 by Richard Frajola (imported from old message board)

Richard Frajola

Here is a nice page from Mayer Costa Rica that might be of interest to green stamp collectors ....


Posted Jun 19, 07 17:15 by Jim Kotanchik (imported from old message board)

Jim Kotanchik

Oops - well I just found out that modifying a submitted message does NOT allow one to modify the image that was submitted with the message.


Posted Jun 19, 07 17:37 by Jim Kotanchik (imported from old message board)

Jim Kotanchik

Ken Zeirer
There is a much easier way to copy images from the board. First be sure to enable the opening of links in another window. This is a VERY TINY check box at the bottom of the postings.
When you have done this, any image or URL reference will open in a separate window.. As it turns out, the images in this window ARE "right clickable" and you can copy them to Photoshop or elsewhere.

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