Phila Mercury Help and Information


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q - What kind of covers should I list? A - For now, pre 1900 United States covers. Can include stamped, stampless, Confederate, private mails, postal entires, etc. Also, foreign covers inbound to the US.

Q - I'm having trouble viewing and adding covers, what am doing wrong?

A - If you are using AOL, that is the problem. Please use another browser.
3. Q - What DPI settings should I use for cover scans? A - After experimentation, 150 dpi scans (100% of original) seem to work best.
4. Q - Why does it add a cover twice sometimes? A - If you add a cover and then refresh page instead of browse cover or some other option, a duplicate listing is generated. This is deliberate in case you are adding several similar covers. Just go back and edit or delete the extra listing if done in error.
5. Q - Why do I have problems with page refresh A - Refresh retries your last command. Instead use back page or select task from list at left.
6. Q - Can you recommend a site to learn about scanning? A - For scanning basics, try the site here. Please crop images close to the edges instead of leaving large areas of black or white. no background is needed.
7. Q - Do I have to scan reverse of cover for second image? A - No, use the second image upload capability only when you wish to show something significant that is on teh reverse. You may also wish to use for blow-up scan of stamp or something related.
8. Q - How do I take full advantage of the search and browse functions? A - These functions are very powerful and have capabilities that should be experimented with. Search only searches the description fields. Results in browse function can be ordered by several different criteria. Results, such as all covers by date order from a specific city over a specified date range can be easily gathered.
9. Q - What abbreviations should I use in descriptions? A - Personally, I prefer only "common" abbreviations such as "NYFM" for "New York Foreign Mails" and similar.
10. Q - Can I list covers for sale? A - Yes, you may specify that a cover is available for sale when you add, or edit a cover. If desired, you may indicate a price. There is no commission owed on any sale which is confidential between seller and buyer.
11. Q - Does listing a cover indicate ownership? A - No it doesn't. However, the owner is given preference if he/she wishes to update a listing with their name.
12. Q - How can I communicate with other users? A - You may contact other users who have listed items by clicking on their "handle" in the view details window. Please note that all communications are confidential. Recipients of emails should NOT use the "reply to" function of your email program - instead click on the email address of the person who sent.